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About is an immersive experience designed to help busy city goers to escape the grind and get more relaxation in their day. It is currently available for iPhone/iPad, Android and the web.

It was originally founded by serial web entrepreneur, James Mulvany, as a response to the shuttering of the incredibly popular bad Birdsong Radio service.

“When I launched my friends thought I was barking mad, but I think it's great for anyone who works in the city or lives a busy lifestyle. Call me eccentric maybe, but I’ve had countless people write to me over the years saying how much it has benefited them. So I think it's great for everyone, I see it like a sort of secret haven on the internet where you can escape to.”

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Recent Press Release:'s New Iphone App Helps You Escape the City and Relax

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Birdsong is powered by Wavestreaming Internet Radio technology and accelerated by a CDN.